Candidate Development and Recruiting

RTA identifies and recruits skilled professionals for clients to hire.

RTA collaborates with clients to develop a recruitment strategy with flexible hourly or program-fee options. Areas of service can include:

  • Name generation, direct sourcing, and verification:
    RTA identifies, assesses and confirms. Let us help you in this first step to find that desired candidate. Using your desired skill set and industry needs, RTA can go into the marketplace and identify individuals already working in similar positions.  Direct sourcing increases the audience you’re reaching.  RTA can access passive job seekers as well as active ones.

  • Candidate development to select the best talent:
    This goes beyond the resume to moving the candidate along through the recruiting process.  Candidate development starts from initial contact.  The rapport built is the foundation of how the relationship will progress.  RTA thoroughly screens the candidate and markets the opportunity. RTA will present the position, discuss the candidate’s background, qualifications, and salary needs, and only present the most qualified and interested candidates for your opportunity.

  • Full Cycle Recruiting:
    RTA’s targeted recruiting approach includes taking the time to collaborate and understand our clients’ needs, to provide an approach that is unique to their needs.  This includes name generation and direct sourcing, candidate development, targeted recruitment, and position offers and negotiation (if desired).  Delivering the best marketing message to attract candidates, we are more than just the typical headhunter.  RTA is not afraid to target and recruit passive candidates.  RTA maintains communication throughout the process, keeping both the candidates and the clients informed from start to finish.

  • Competitive marketplace intelligence:
    What are other companies providing their employees in the same market? Is your compensation and benefit plan competitive to similar companies in the area? What are others saying about your company, about the service or environment you provide? How are you viewed in the marketplace? RTA will find the answers for you.

  • Screening of job posting responses:
    Often job postings receive hundreds of applicants.  Let RTA manage your job positing and screen applicants for you.  Using qualifying questions and requirements RTA can provide you with only the applicants who clear the first steps in the hiring process.  This will save you time and money knowing that when applicants hit your desk, they will have gone through the initial vetting process. This leaves your staff free to work on other things.

How could your company benefit from Candidate Development and Targeted Recruitment?
With our candidate development and targeted recruitment model, you have access to a dedicated team that supports you every step of the way. RTA provides hourly based, customizable services that clients can designate and control.  This is due to RTA’s unbundled approach; this means RTA is able to support your organizations full cycle recruitment needs as well as individual components.  You gain RTA’s skill in researching and identifying passive candidates, as well as dedicated assistance with difficult to fill and multiple positions.  Also, RTA’s prices can provide significant cost savings; there are no complicated contracts.  Not to mention, the documentation of activity performed.  This is an invaluable tool that can be utilized for future needs for months to come. This includes:

  • Listing of individuals identified and contacted

  • Contact information for individuals identified

  • Summary of information shared by individuals during conversations

Overall, experienced recruiters understand that, although RTA’s candidate development and targeted recruitment model may take more time, this approach will most likely result in a successful outcome to any search.  Don’t rely on approaches that require more luck than controllable effort.

Put our expertise and experience to work for your great company.